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Embark on a journey of self-expression and artistic exploration. Inspired by the forms and textures of flowers, our workshops offer a sanctuary to mirroring the inherent beauty and individuality found in the floral world.
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Floral workshops & private 1:1 consultancy for florist and specialists

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Let’s bring your creativity and vision to life with our floral workshops

The Hanami Workshops are created to explore the enchanting world of floral design under the expert guidance of Alice, our creative director.

Let the delicate shapes and textures of gorgeous fresh flowers inspire you to craft truly unique bouquets, decor and installations.

Alice Floral designer in Portugal Lisbon and Comporta

About the workshops:

With an intentionally limited number of intimate workshops each year, Alice ensures every student receives the personalized attention crucial to nurturing their talents as professional or hobbyist floral artists.

Explore bold color palettes and ingeniously incorporate unexpected elements like fruits, branches, and vegetables to imbue your pieces with an unparalleled sense of whimsy.

Gather around tables brimming with freshly gathered blossoms as Alice unveils her finest techniques for composing exquisite bouquets, ornaments, and spell-binding large-scale installations. Whether you aspire to master structured, refined arrangements or free-flowing organic designs, you’ll be empowered to experiment.

Her wealth of knowledge will be your compass, steering you towards achieving your loftiest creative ambitions.

Our work stands out for its:

• Respect for nature: We treat each flower with care and reverence.
• Artistic approach: Every arrangement is a work of art, ready to be showcased and photographed.
Commitment to sustainability: We prioritize eco-friendly practices in all our creations.


This is for:

  • Florist that wanted to improve your expertise
  • New florist
  • Decorators and Interior designers
  • Event planners and other creatives that love working with flowers
Alice Floral designer workshop in Portugal
elevate your floral skills 

Let us bring your vision to life with our design expertise and floral workshops

If you are an interior designer looking to learn how to make an impact with flowers, or wanted to work as florist for the top wedding and events planners, get in touch.